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Vijayendra Shamanna (“Viju”)

Vijayendra Shamanna (“Viju”) is a Senior Manager with the Emerging Storage Solutions software team at SanDisk, Bangalore. SanDisk is a global leader in flash storage solutions from edge devices to cloud and enterprise data centers. Viju has over 18 years of experience as Senior Engineering Manager, Architect and Principal Engineer, delivering complex Storage, Virtualization, Networking and Data Center solutions from inception to customer deployment. He is currently leading the EMS Software team in optimizing popular open source storage software stacks like Ceph, HDFS etc for SSDs and enable adoption of flash in hyper-scale environments. Viju has worked at companies like Brocade, Andiamo Systems (acquired by Cisco), Sun Microsystems, Tidal data and also co-founded two storage start-ups. Viju has a degree in Electronics engineering from Bangalore University.